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Marble Surface

Notable Results 

$18,000,000- Wrongful Death Case 

$8,000,000- Oil Field Brain Injury Case 

$2,500,000-Oil Field Trucking Accident Case 

$2,000,000- Construction Site Accident Case 

$2,000,000- Business Premises Liability Brain Injury Case 

$1,500,000- Construction Site Injury Case

$2,450,000- Trucking Accident on Highway Case 

$1,700,000- Tire Defect Case 

$2,400,000- Uninsured Motorist Auto Accident Case 

$1,000,000- Vehicle Products Liability Case 

$2,550,000- Insurance Bad Faith Case 

$1,250,000- Insurance Bad Faith Case 

$2,000,000 Medical Malpractice Case 

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